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Winter Wonderland

Euro Truck Driving is a truck simulator game developed by Game Pickle. It makes truck driving extra challenging because the game will let you drive trucks on snowy roads! You will experience driving trucks during winter while at the same time enjoy the beautiful sights seen only during the cold season.

Happy Holidays

It is Christmas time the whole year round in this game and your missions as a truck driver will, of course, be related to the holidays. It sounds fun to drive around at this time of the year and well, you are not wrong about that! One of the things you will get to try is to drive enormous trucks over frozen lakes, rivers, swamps, and other bodies of water. The frozen river can be a very effective shortcut. There is nothing to worry about the ice cracking. In this game, no matter how reckless you drive over frozen bodies of water, it will not crack and you will not fall. There is no need to be concerned about drowning in the cold water. 

The mission you will try to accomplish is to unlock all 4 cargo trucks by driving around and reaching a certain number of miles driven. It may sound boring but driving on slippery roads and bumping against other smaller cars can actually be quite fun. There are also Christmas displays at the side of the road like gifts and snowmen that you can run over. Just continue exploring until you have all the trucks unlocked and ready to be used.  Do not be afraid to run out of fuel as you drive. The game will pause and refuel your truck. Just be patient and wait quietly when that happens. Before you even know it, you will be out on the road and driving again.

Slippery roads ahead

The game has made driving as realistic as possible. You will be driving cargo trailer trucks in this simulator, which means that the trucks are literally long. The game’s controls are very sensitive and responsive so you do not have any problem with making your truck follow you. What you would probably find troublesome is how to properly drive on slippery roads. Your trucks, being literally lengthy, can steer away from the original course you are trying to set. The trailers will slip and sway from side to side as your drive and it can affect your performance. You do not have to worry about going off the track when that happens. Euro Truck Simulator is a free world and you can do whatever you want to do. For instance, you can break traffic rules as much as you like and even run over the other AI cars.

Enjoy the winter season

The winter scenery is very beautiful in Euro Truck Driving. It is definitely a wonderful break from other truck simulators that have the same bright cities and busy highway. The Christmas theme of the game makes it unique from the others as well. It is a very good truck driving simulator that is made even better because you get to experience how it is like to drive on snow and slippery roads .


  • Christmas theme
  • Good 3D graphics
  • Responsive controls
  • Beautiful scenery


  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Only 4 trucks to choose from
  • No other game modes
  • Repetitive music

Program available in other languages

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